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Bone Mountain is available in Trade Paperback and ebook!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

I'm excited. I've been publishing mystery short stories and western history articles in magazines since the 1990s. And now, my first novel, BONE MOUNTAIN, has just been published. It's the first in a series of thrillers starring ex-FBI agent Brian McKay and his intrepid niece, college student Darcy McKay. In Bone Mountain, the McKays team up to defeat a violent and nasty gang shadowing the workers excavating the world's first 100% intact T. rex skeleton. The action jumps between Montana and Chicago. Darcy thought her summer job helping on a world-class T. Rex excavation would be fun and enlightening. She didn't bargain for being shot and kidnapped as she worked on a dinosaur bone. Brian helps Darcy confront mega-greedy killers, bent law enforcement individuals and a sketchy Chicago billionaire, all with plenty to hide. I really hope you enjoy Bone Mountain as much as I took pleasure in writing it.. Feel free to post a review on Amazon. And I'd love to hear from you via email on the Contact page of my website at You can buy Bone Mountain in paperback and ebook on Amazon. Happy reading!

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