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Books by Robert D. Hughes


Dirty Money, the second book in the Brian and Darcy McKay series of thrillers, is now available for purchase. You can buy it in trade paperback or Kindle e-book. It's a fast-paced page-turner that thriller fans will love.


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Dirty Money
ISBN 978-0-9993392-3-7
A briliant young accountant's face is lit by the glowing computer screen in an executive’s office in the three a.m. darkness of a Chicago skyscraper. A familiar man enters and shoots Matthew Growney in the head, killing him instantly. Darcy McKay, college student and fearless survivor of the Bone Mountain dinosaur dig of the previous year, has just lost her boyfriend. Darcy and her uncle, ex-FBI agent Brian McKay, risk their own lives as they investigate the murder, the first of a string of killings by a greedy and twisted cabal of corporate gangsters at Belcoe, Inc. The McKays follow the evidence to Belcoe’s spectacular Montana ranch, where they face off against a squad of goons, a homicidal cop, a malevolent corporate bigwig and a runaway arson fire.
Bone Mountain
College student Darcy McKay is digging up a dinosaur bone when a bullet rips through her shoulder. A psychotic sniper abducts her from Bone Mountain, the Montana dig site where the world's first complete T. rex skeleton  is being extracted. Darcy’s uncle and sole living relative, Brian McKay, gets word on his last day with the FBI in Chicago and rushes west to find her. The investigation triggers a tangled web of murders. As Brian and Darcy fight for their lives, they encounter a menacing grizzly bear, a shady Chicago billionaire, a pair of bizarre lowlife brothers, a malicious ex-cop and a thundering herd of bison.  The story's point of view shifts at full tilt among Brian, Darcy and the bad guys. It's a well-crafted page-turner. 

The three books below  are anthologies of mystery short stories, each collection including one of Hughes' mysterious tales of murder and mayhem in Chicago.

Death in a Box
Death in a Box brings you 28 thrilling, chilling, and sometimes massively amusing short mystery tales! Elm Books is proud to present the collected edition of its three Death mystery anthologies, Death on a Cold Night, Death and the Detective and Death and a Cup of Tea—tales of murder in the midst of winter, the capers of professional detectives, all washed down with the wisdom of a bevy of female sleuths. Robert D. Hughes has two stories in this collection: "Burnout," originally appearing in Death and the Detective, and "A Cup of Chai," published in Death and a Cup of Tea.  
Death and the Detective

ISBN-10: 0988611627 (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 978-098861162 (E-Book)

Elm Books is proud to present our collection of 11 riveting  mystery stories. The fertile imaginations of our authors will take you on a  wild ride from San Francisco to Chicago and the coasts. We have a dead pig, dead lovers, a dead shoe salesman, suicide, lots of arson, fortuitous accidents, setups, and even a touch of romance. Our diverse detectives include PIs, cops, an insurance adjuster, ATF, a security guard, and a pair of Shadow Wolves-formidable Native American trackers.  Robert D. Hughes' hardboiled Chicago private eye, Dennis Malone, solves one of his most dangerous cases in "Burnout." We do hope you enjoy! "Great book!" Jean Utley, Book 'Em Mysteries

Death and a Cup of Tea


Eight delicious stories featuring female sleuths and various cups of tea. Choose your brew carefully... some are comforting, others are deadly. But whether your style is English, Jasmine, Chai, Green, or Vanilla Cream, there's bound to be a cup for everyone! All freshly served by Elm Books' stable of top mystery writers. In "A Cup of Chai," Robert D. Hughes proves that detective work is more enticing than biology homework as college student Darcy McKay solves the mysterious murder of a local tea house owner. Darcy is also a detective in Hughes' new novel, Bone Mountain, where she teams up with her uncle, Brian McKay, to solve the mystery of a tangled web of brutal murders on a dinosaur dig in Montana.

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